Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It deeply saddens me 2 learn that one of our own has passed away.. William Scott Cornwell ...know in Da Underground music Scene as CYPRESS aka CYPRESS THE PA from Apex Music Club ...went 2 walk amongst the greats on Aug 7 2012.. Da Underground Radio had the privilege 2 first meet Cypress around two years ago.. He was very dedicated to the underground music scene and Artist..He worked on DA UNDERGROUND RADIO, CYPRESS RADIO SHOW, APEX MUSIC CLUB, APEX MUSIC SHOWCASE, RHYME N RADIO, THE CYPRESS N LISA JANE SHOW, UNSIGNED 99.9, and others ....along with hosting COUNTLESS MIXTAPES AND SHOWCASES and working with Artist all across the globe .. Cypress did not have 2 be in your town 2 help or show his loyalty.... You can find many shows thru out blogtalkradio with him giving artist advise, shout outs, and co-hosting or hosting . He truly left an impacted on everyone that knew him and is greatly missed. His family is in our prayers and hearts..

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Hey .. I know I am always so sick lately its hard to get in touch with me.. I seen you posted on my page 2 days before you went 2 heaven 2 call you .. i never did .. i seen it thinking I will call him tomorrow.... but tomorrow never came ...I keep wondering what u wanted 2 talk about was it advise, was it about the show, or a great new artist u was helping.. I am truly shocked that ur gone.. and kickin myself for not calling.. I hope ur in heaven reading this and understand that I took it for granted that there would be a tomorrow..and for that I am truly sorry that I miss our last coversation...