Sunday, September 23, 2012


THIS Bitch ass hoe calls himself on facebook illuminati freesquad ..also known as gary hammond from east jordan ... first of all he thru a show/battle every artist was supposed to put 50$ in a pot for the cash prize. 12 artist lets do the math 600.00 right .. BUT cash prize was only 150.00 ...I call BULLSHIT when i see it and second it was a lyrical championship why is it that lyrics was not mentioned once in the whole competition and the guy gary was the host and rapped in the battle on top of that he told everyone even on the event page the show started at 8pm.... why is it that he made CHROOL go on 20 mins before 8 no mic check or nothing then at the end he admitted CHROOL got FUCKED! u the god damn host tell me that aint bullshit all around when sum artists did not pay and still got to perform in the comp .. i will never do business with this bitch ..oh yeah.. how bout 2 days before the show he over booked friends playing songs not in the competition and then he told all the artist instead of doing 8 tracks that they could only do 2 ten mins each round and 1 track the last round ... LET ME JUST SAY U ALL KNOW ME I AM GOOD PEOPLES BUT THIS DUDE IS A BITCH AND I TOLD HIM THAT AND Some MORE TO HIS FACE IN THE BLACKLIGHT LOUNGE SO DIS AINT JUST SUM FACEBOOK BULLSHIT ... AND U ALL KNO ME REAL RESPECT REAL AND DUDE IS FAKE AS THEY COME SO PLEASE DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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