Thursday, December 27, 2012


Born and Raised in South Jamaica Queens, NY Michael Francis A.K.A Continental Five is the oldest of two boys with dreams of being something. Unfortunately, Southside Jamaica Queens isn't always open to fulfilling the dreams of its residents.
Continental Five began his grind in the NYC underground hip-hop scene under the moniker Two five, which was a nickname given to him in jest by Tony YaYo. Slowly, he built a name and reputation for himself with his gritty style of freestyle rap.
In early 2007 DJ Whiteowl decided to reach out to the rapper in hopes that he would host a mixtape for him. Continental Five was consistently gaining momentum in the underground scene so DJ Whiteowl thought he would be a good fit for his series of mixtapes. The two put out 5 successful mixtapes that started expanded his growing underground following and landed him a nomination at the Justo mixtape awards. Together they have sold and distributed over 70,000 CD’s.The buzz began to get back to label exec’s that began to reach out to Continental Five. Continental Five was about to sign to a major label deal, when “the streets came back to haunt him”. A wrong place wrong time incident landed him behind bars and all that he had worked for was slowly slipping from his grasp. After a brief hiatus he is back and ready to show the world his talents. Armed with a new mentality, a new goal, and a new team he is ready to rise and claim his position at the top of the charts.

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