Friday, January 4, 2013


A little info on Dj Locnez

Real DJ LOCNEZ, The midwest DTP DJ, along with HUNDID RACK ENERGY DRINK DJ,IDJ,a dj for, and much more. He has been a mixtape dj for going on 6 years as of now, released over 11 mixtapes so far and the streets have responded with a very energetic response. This is which lead his resume to have broke Asher Roth,DOLLA,Jon Young and J.CASH, PAPPA DUCK, Gille da Kid, Playafly, Sanquin, Big Omeezy,RedDott and more. DJ Locnez recieved the DJ spotlight of the year in 2008 in the OCMC MAGAZINE out of orlando Florida. Which everything just grew from there and it keeps growing. He is a Dj that will take the time to believe in you without even hearing your music, you wanna know why he is a DJ that has true faith in people and dreams, so hollya at DJ LOCNEZ if you wanna pick up your luggage and live the dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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